Welcome to Zettie’s Confections

Our gourmet confections are created using the purest chocolates and sugars, creamiest butter, and healthiest nuts are united creating exquisite toffees.  Both the White Chocolate Cashew Brittle and the Almond Butter Crunch (robed in dark chocolate) will tantalize your taste buds and have you coming back for more.  (….and more)

Zettie’s Confections currently offers celebrity credible and award-winning gourmet toffee and caramels.

All natural ingredients ~ No preservatives

WARNING: Zettie’s Confections tend to be addicting!

Let Zettie’s Confections be your signature gift for weddings,
corporate gifts, Christmas gifts and special occasions.

Zettie’s Confections Continues to Grow in 2014!

We are so humbled and grateful to all of our fans, and thank each of you for requesting that your favorite retailers carry some of our delicious treats.

Welcome to the following new merchants in 2014:


Experience Zettie’s Confections Today

Are you craving a gourmet treat and no t sure where to get that fix? Get your Zettie’s fix, check our locations page often as we keep growing and growing.

Not near a local shop? We are elated to team up with Neiman Marcus and Horchow, both reputable specialty merchandisers offering luxury items and further complimented by superior customer service.

Janet H. sent us this message:

“Bought a couple boxes of this last weekend at the Best of MO Market. The best. I am addicted. I live in Washington, MO. I see Hermann and Augusta on your list but not Washington. I am taking it to a shoptomorrow that is downtown to let them have a taste. I hope someone in Washington will be carrying it soon. OMG it is sssssoooooo good. Thanks.”